Spray Prep' Skin onto face and neck then pass a cotton ball over skin to remove excess, morning and evening.


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  • 8oz.

    This potentiating toner

    • Complements Pure Skin in eliminating dead cells
    • Potentiates active ingredients and increase their effectiveness.
    • Allows better absorption of active agents applied afterwards
    • Prevents break-outs
    • Firms skin 

    This potentiating toner prepares the skin and potentiates ingredients applied afterwards, making you skincare regimen more effective.

    In a nutshell.

    Prep' Skin softens prepares and firms the skin. Its combination of cofactors (vitamins, minerals...) potentiates the effects of active ingredients applied afterwards and increase their effectiveness. Formulated with witch hazel, chamomile and borage, Prep' Skin firms and improves skin's appearance. Its formula prevents blemishes, without irritating.