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Konjac Sponge

74-72 box 1000x1000 wb ws.jpg

See box for instructions

Technical Sheet

Pure Skin - Anti-aging Cleansing Gel 


Prep Skin - Potentiating Facial Toner


Nourish Scrub - Nourishing Exfoliating Cleanser

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Technical Sheet

Skin Renew - Vitamine C Peeling Mask

Skin Renew.png

Technical Sheet

Oxygen Mask - firming gel mask

mo1000x1000-150 3.jpg

Fiches techniques

Contour Treatment - eye and above the lip areas

cts1000x1000-150 3.jpg

Fiches techniques

Skin Changing Day - Caviar Day Cream

cd1000x1000-150-2 3.jpg

Technical Sheet

Skin Changing Night - Caviar Night Cream

cn1000x1000-150 3.jpg

Technical Sheet

Cellugel - Body Firming Gel

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Technical Sheet

Vertuous Oils


Coming Soon

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